Bookkeeping Cleanup

Feeling behind? We’ll get you up to date.

‘Getting your books in order’ has a range of meanings depending on the situation. Let’s start with the simplest case first.

Cleanup services to get you back on track

You’ve been busy growing your business, but keeping your books organized wasn’t at the top of your to-do list. Our bookkeeping cleanup services will get you back on track. We’ll help you get tax compliant, investor-ready, and keep growing.

What bookkeeping cleanup can do for your business

Get your statements, invoices and cash flow accurate and up to date.

Once your bookkeeping cleanup gets everything in order, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to run your business with accurate data.

Our bookkeeping cleanup can go back as far as you need.

Getting you ready for a merger or acquisition

You’ve invested years into creating what your business is today. What would you want the sale of it to say about your company? What would you want it to say about you?

You could be seen by potential buyers as an old-school unprofessional, or you could be seen as someone whose confidence in the value of your business is clearly shown in the way you have paid attention to even the most minute detail in your business’s finances.

The choices you make in this in-between period before selling will not only impact the value you get out of the sale, but will also affect your legacy.

Getting businesses ready for a merger or acquisition is our specialty! We’ll help you get your finances in order, get your finances presented the right way, and maximize your valuation price.

Ready to get your books cleaned up and ready for a sale?